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Putting Human Rights Into Focus

Who we are and how it all started

The International Observatory of Human Rights was established in London as an independent non-profit and non-governmental organisation.

The team is made up of human rights professionals, lawyers, researchers, award-winning journalists and academics of diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

IOHR utilises its unique access and the expertise of its multilingual and dedicated staff to advocate for human rights worldwide.

The International Observatory of Human Rights has created partnerships with local and international human rights groups. The IOHR advocacy team meets with governments, members of parliament and global groups such as the European Union, the Council of Europe, the United Nations and businesses to drive and promote positive changes and push for justice and the respect of human rights worldwide.

IOHR Director Valerie Peay speaks to Trish Lynch on the goals of IOHR

Our Mission

The International Observatory of Human Rights exposes and investigates human rights violations

Our independence and international reach gives us leverage to work with global movements to defend the dignity of people stripped of their rights including unjustly jailed journalists, human rights defenders, refugees and victims of oppression.

Human Rights Television

Our partners and viewers value IOHR’s unique human rights web television platform and our use of digital and multimedia mediums to put the focus on human rights worldwide.

We utilize the experience of our award-winning journalists to amplify advocacy campaigns, maintain maximum impact, challenge tyranny and expose those who violate international law.

Our Partners

IOHR collaborations with organisations from different sectors to achieve positive change

The International Observatory of Human Rights has worked with bodies such as the Office of the Mayor of London and non-governmental groups to launch and support campaigns through advanced video presentations—a new model to prioritise human rights. We have partnered with leading NGOs specialized in supporting refugees, defending journalists and the de-radicalisation of extremists.

Our Team

Valerie Peay

Director of the International Observatory of Human Rights and the Trustee Director of the Royal Caledonian Educational Trust. She held the position of Group Strategy Transformation and Customer Experience at BT PLC and employs her global experience in digital transformation and TV to highlight human rights violations worldwide and through various channels including the IOHR Human Rights web TV. She spent five years based in Asia as part of News Corp’s Star TV responsible for the roll out of digital TV platforms and interactive media.

Ash Naji

Head of Communications
Ash Naji is Head of Communication and Public Relations for the International Observatory of Human Rights. Ash brings a wealth of experience across different industries including telecom and TV channels. Prior to joining IOHR, he worked for 13 years at WPP’s multi-national advertising agency Young & Rubicam and headed the brand communications department at Amazon. He designed and spearheaded numerous award-winning communication campaigns as well as carried out various digital transformation initiatives for brands worldwide.

Louise Pyne-Jones

Head of Research
Prior to IOHR, Louise worked for a British NGO called “Friends of Al Aqsa” working to advocate for human rights in the Middle East. She has also led research teams at Institute for Islamic Strategic Affairs a think-tank focused on the geopolitics of the Muslim world. Louise has worked in education and training for over ten years at corporations and higher education institutes including Royal Holloway University of London and Cardiff University. Her academic work looks at the history of religious and colonial ideologies. She has written and published a number of articles and is a contributor to the book: The First World War and Its Aftermath, the Shaping of the Middle East.

Aisha Ditta

Social Media Executive
Aisha connects with IOHR’s global supporters across all digital channels by creating multilingual and diverse social media campaigns. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Media and a Master’s Degree in Media and the Middle East from SOAS, University of London, where she specialised in Mediated Culture. Aisha subsequently authored a dissertation entitled: “The Framing of Israeli Settlements: An Analysis of The Independent.” She has also produced her own short documentary, ‘I Seek Refuge,’ on the reintegration of refugees living in the U.K.

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