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The Remember Refugees campaign aims to make sure that the safety and security of refugees does not get lost in the noise.


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Encouraging Sponsorship of Refugees in the UK

IOHR travels to Kettering, a small town in England with Tom Underwood, an ambassador for Sponsor Refugees. He educates members of the community about how to sponsor a refugee. Tom is a member of the Raynes Park community church—one of the first groups to sponsor a Syrian refugee family in the UK … Read more →

Supporting 100 Communities to Welcome Refugees in the UK

Chris Clement, former director of RESET, talks about the vital work of supporting 100 communities willing to welcome refugee families in the UK under the community sponsorship scheme. The RESET team provides community groups with information about housing, financial commitment and training potential sponsors on how to integrate resettled refugees. They also provide guidance to sponsors throughout the application process. … Read more →

UK Sponsorship of Refugees

Bekele Woyecha from Sponsor Refugees gives IOHR TV insight into the UK’s Community Sponsorship scheme which gives community groups the opportunity to support the resettlement of Syrian refugee families in the UK by providing financial, emotional and practical support. … Read more →

Including Refugees in the UK Workplace

IOHR partnered with the Greater London Authority and brought together more than twenty-five business leaders, public sector policy makers, refugees, NGOs to launch the #WorkWellRefugees campaign. Panelists and workshop participants discussed how to include more refugees in the UK workplace. … Read more →

UNHCR Special Advisor Carol Batchelor talks about the campaign to end statelessness by 2024

IOHR, the official NGO media sponsor of the World Conference on Statelessness in the Hague talks to Carol Batchelor, the UNHCR Special Advisor on Statelessness about “I Belong”, the campaign launched by UNHCR in 2014 to end statelessness by 2024. The UNHCR figures show 3.9 million stateless people in the world but official data is only available from approximately a third of countries. As 70.8 million people are forcibly displaced, the UNHCR Special Advisor shines a light on statelessness as a root cause and a consequence of displacement. … Read more →

UNHCR: Challenges Refugees Face

Doaa Elbayad, UNHCR protection officer in Iraqi Kurdistan talks about the challenges the UNHCR faces to support refugees. UNHCR is facing an urgent shortfall of US$270 million for their work with Syrian refugees and internally displaced people. The money is needed to provide cash assistance, protection, education, health and shelter … Read more →

Abdulrhman: a journey to find home in London; Bayt UK

23-year-old Syrian refugee Abdulrhman shares his journey from Aleppo in Syria to settling into a new home in London and introduces his new role with the International Observatory of Human Rights to help Arabic speaking refugees integrate into British society. … Read more →

Bayt UK: How to find a job in the UK

Finding a job in the UK can be quite challenging if you don’t know much about the working culture, how the application process works and what documents you need to apply. Abdulrhman visits Breaking Barriers, an organisation supporting refugees in their job search, to find out more. … Read more →

Bayt UK: Finding an English class

Learning English can be one of the biggest challenges when moving to the UK. Understanding the language helps everyone to communicate with all parts of the local community from finding a doctor to applying for a job. In this episode Abdulrhman visited Haringey Adult Learning Centre in London to find out which courses were available, what documentation and assessment is needed and how it has helped others to succeed living in the UK. … Read more →

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